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Introducing Lilli Wren and Column 14

Lilli Wren, talking to Bay Life explained her interest in being a journalist.

We are helping to mentor her as she finds her place and style with some interesting news pieces.

Simon Montgomery, editor of Bay Life, has been a teacher for 42 years and has worked with many students over the years aiming to be writers.

He has worked in all kinds of school, college and adult education environments.

He said on seeing the interest that Lilli was expressing, “the moment I saw the kind of interest Lilli was indicating I knew that she could well be an asset to The Journal

“I have now seen the first few news pieces that she has written, looks to me like there is a coherent set of writing skills emerging in relation to local news stories.

“Her first writing pieces have been well paced, with a strong sense of narrative and detail and we are impressed.”

Simon added, ‘we hope to be talking to Sussex Downs College in the next few weeks about the possibility of setting up a formal mentoring programme to support students with their writing”.

News pieces by Lilli Wren will be appearing online from Wednesday 11 July, both in print and in our newspaper The Pevensey Bay Journal.

Fourteen year old Lilli, who describes her interests as “writing poems and doing photography and of course fashion” has a 2 year old dog and a cat that is 9 years old. Plus, she adds with accuracy and detail “a fish”. Next year she is looking forward to going to Portugal.

She says that she has lived in Pevensey Bay all her life with her mum and that what she enjoys is “going to the beach , having breakfast at The Ocean View Bakery, taking a walk, or just simply watching the sun go down before bed”

She adds. “I’ve met so many amazing people here”.
. . .

Column 14— Lilli Wren
Neighbourhood Watch, until The Cows Came Home

In Castle Drive there is an entrance to a big field and sometimes, in that field, there are around 15 cows.

On 8 June. near 10:00pm they knocked down the gate and escaped onto the green of the roundabout.

Following that incident, they went down the alleyway onto the main road, past the local Library.

Police came and lent a helping hand to aid them back into the field, which took some time.

However, a couple of weeks later the cows again escaped onto the Castle Drive green by, yes, you have guesed, breaking down the fence once again.

Our neighbours went out bravely and herded them back into the field, the police and farmer were called straightaway. They have temporarily fixed the gate to stop it happening a third time. And will soon put in a new one.

Credit to the people who helped guide the cows back to safety, the police and the farmer.