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THIS WEEK Summer makeover: Surface dressing programme to ‘pothole-proof’ county roads

COMMUNITY UPDATE: Pevensey Mini History Festival

JOBSBOARD LATEST ON JOBSBOARD: Sussex Police: Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs)

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Your views are important and will help Pevensey Parish Council focus on what’s important to local people.


  • Is the first & most local tier of ‘local’ GovernmentConsists of 13 unpaid volunteer Councillors
  • Has a small annual budget funded mainly through the ‘precept’ (part of the council tax)
  • Has reduced its part of the precept since 2014/15 and has the 12th lowest parish precept in Wealden
  • Precept this year totals only £66,325, which equates to £50.40* per year or 97p* a week
  • The average annual parish council precept in Wealden is £68.81*
  • Is under significant financial pressure because of reductions in Government Support & in some East Sussex County Council services
  • Wants to keep its part of the precept as low as possible

The Parish Council is therefore writing its first 3 Year Plan in order to take a longer term view of the financial challenges facing the council

It’s important that you have your say & help the Parish Council focus on what is most important to you. We can then decide how best to manage the limited resources we have & focus not only on what a Parish Council must do but also on what’s important to you.

Peter Lowton
Chairman Pevensey Parish Council
(* average precept per band D household)

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