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Kate Langley

image credit: Kate Langley
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Kate Langley comments (18 November) It’s absolutely amazing I can’t thank this person enough! I’ve never felt so emotional! There are truly kind people in this world!!

Thanks so much for reading my story! and as we go on I will update you with more videos and photos Kind Regards Kate xxx

I have become so desperate for help that I have decided to ask my friends, family and even people who don’t know me for help. This has been a difficult decision to ask but I can no longer bear the daily pain that I suffer with.

For the last few years I, along with over 7000 woman have been trying to raise awareness of the dangers of having a medical device inserted called a TVT. An amazing journalist set up a facebook group called ‘Sling the Mesh’ and since 2015, myself and other women have appeared on The Victoria Derbyshire show, local news and newspapers in a bid to raise awareness and try to stop the Government to keep this operation going. Amazingly in July 2018 after our campaigning the operation has currently been suspended which is amazing but we are now desperate for a permanent ban to end anymore horrific suffering.

In 2012 I made a decision to have a TVT-O inserted for a mild leaky bladder that I had as many women do after the birth of my two children. Little did I know that that this decision was to alter my future life drastically.
Since having the Polypropylene, (plastic mesh), inserted it has gone drastically wrong in me. I have had over 50 hospital admission suffering agonising pain. I’ve had to call more ambulances than I can remember due to collapsing in agony, suffering with childbirth like contraction pain needing IV morphine and gas and air and many more pain medications, the pain is unbearable and the last time I was admitted I was administered with 20mls of morphine which didn’t really help with my pain!

The TVT-O is now hardened and sharp and become like a cheese wire it has cut through my vagina, urethra, oburator nerve and bladder, I needed my urethra reconstructed!

I have so far had 3 removal surgeries with some of the best surgeons in the country. However my remaining mesh is in an extremely difficult place to operate for even the top surgeons, its in my pelvic arch and groin next to major nerves, vessels and arteries. I’ve recently had a specialist scan which revealed that yet again, remaining plastic mesh is eroding or cutting through my vagina, eroding into my bladder which isn’t emptying properly and hitting my oburator nerve causing me severe pain when walking, and I am having difficulty walking apart from a very short distance.

I lost my gall bladder and had a full hysterectomy since having the TVT in a bid to end the pain,this didn’t work as it was the mesh causing all of my pain.

I have been through hell and back over the last 6 years and now every evening and through the night my legs go into spasms and cramps, and pins and needles. I have to use tranquillisers in order to enable me to sleep. I take many prescription pain killers in order to exist. I am on permanent antibiotics as I get lots of urinary infections. I always try to put a smile on my face and try to look happy! However, Pain is a hidden disability, inside I am being tortured daily and I am terrified for my future!

I just want to be able to have a normal life with my two gorgeous children and my lovely supported husband, I want to be able to work again and at present I am hardly able to achieve anything due to the constant relentless pain that I am in.

I have now found a Surgeon who is based in Bristol who is able to help me, the trouble is he has a very long waiting list, if I go through the NHS it could be up to a year to further wait as there are so few expert removal surgeons that can do this surgery. I have already been visiting expert Surgeons throughout London and after a year and half have got no further forward, it has cost a fortune travelling back and forth to London to lots of appointments but so far they feel it too dangerous an operation to perform safely.

This Bristol based Surgeon could do the operation on a private basis with another orthopaedic surgeon as early as January 2019! Mentally and physically I don’t think I can wait up to another year if on the NHS! My life has been on hold for too long since 2012, Plus the internal damage its doing to me, may not be reversible, as it is damaging my internal organs, I’m so scared it could possibly cut an artery and possibly kill me, or my walking will become so painful that I end up no longer walking and will need assistance with a wheelchair. Therefore speed is so important the quicker I can have this surgery the quicker I have the chance of no permanent damage and possibly having a pain free future!

If you fund me even if just a very small amount then, I can’t tell you how grateful both my family and I would be, you would have the power to transform my life for the better and end my ongoing suffering. I could have the chance to lead a normal life again which at the moment is just a dream.

Thanks so much for reading my story! and as we go on I will update you with more videos and photos Kind Regards Kate xxx

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