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The new chinese takeaway is now less than a week away from opening—Bay Life, 15 July 2017

Interest is building in the opening of a new chinese take-way here in the heart of Pevensey Bay.

Talking to Bay Life (Friday 14 July) new owners said that everything was on time for the opening.

Showing us a preview of the menus also caused a ripple of interest., The new menu leaflets, which will track to be delivered right across the locality from tomorrow (Minday 17 July) are a rich red colour with lovely house font gold lettering.

Look in your letterbox from tomorrow for some special 10% off opening offers.

With free local delivery also included in the plan, and we understand, a chef whose skills are known and well regarded, looks very much like we are in for a treat with big launch on Friday 21 July.

Talking about the name Golden House for the enterprise, which is particularly popular as a name in South and East London, with some choice emporiums, owners told Bay LIfe, “we thought about the name Mr. Wonderful, but decided that it could be too much of a bit of a local story to be what we wanted for something new, so we have gone with Golden House”. Without question, Golden House has a classic ring.

Asked about possible thai offerings, owners told us, “maybe later, once we have launched we will think more about the option.”.

With a very fast turn around time on the site of the enterprise, residents and visitors are already seeing the banner “:Golden House’ on site, together with some special offers and details of local deliveries.

With the menus starting to arrive from tomorrow, looks very much like we will be seeing queues for the launch night.

As interest builds, email is already coming in to Bay LIfe expressing excitement and interest.

As part of the launch we will be publishing some of the positive comment that we are receiving.

Golden House looks very much like launch night will be full house.

The time of launch on Friday 21 July, together with some other special options will be published on Bay LIfe in the coming days.

Adverts for the new chinese take-away will be appearing in the next few days both online and later in the month in our broadsheet newspaper, Bay Life, The Journal.


Editor note: Apologies to people asking about address, the address is the old Mandarin House, next to Pevensey Gifts. 11A Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay

We have not put that information up until this point because people are phoning the old number and apparently the phone just rings and rings causing further confusion. Also the frontage is not quite ready so we are waiting until towards the end of this week so we can put a picture up of new premises when finished. There is a banner hanging outside that explains the name and what is to come in premises.

Apologies again to people asking about address, I feel stupid for not making things clearer, trying to work with new owners and what they want to see published, understood, does not help people trying to identify the place.

If they have a new phone number on the site later this week we will publish number as well.

Have not helped to make things clear here, accept what has been said about lack of information