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Pevensey Parish Council is celebrating today (Tuesday 4 December) with the news that Goosie Gander is coming to the Wallsend Ground.

A new piece of play equipment for younger children, called Goosie Gander is being installed this week.

In a media release, the Council says, “a massive thank you to The National Lottery and the players for their uupport.

“Pevensey Parish Council is pleased to announce that we have received a generous grant of £8,578 from The National Lottery to replace a piece of old equipment in one of our popular children’s recreation grounds.

They point out that Pevensey has three Recreation Grounds managed by the Parish Council.

“One is in Coast Road in Pevensey Bay, one is on Wallsend Road (known as the half pipe) and the third is by the Sports Ground in Pevensey and is known as Wallsend Recreation Ground. All are well used and loved by the local children and visitors to the Pevensey area”.

Councillor Shirley MacKinnon, who Chairs the Recreation and Beach Committee on behalf of the Parish Council said, today, ‘this is a welcome addition for local children to add to two pieces of new equipment installed in 2017. It is hoped that further grant applications which have been made by the Council will be successful and mean we can do more to update our grounds over the next 2 years”

A new baby swing seat is also being installed, replacing one which is damaged.

To support the grounds the Council want to ‘kick start’ a new group called, ‘’Friends of Pevensey Playgrounds’’ .

They hope the new Friends Group will be comprised of local people and that the establishment of the new body will to help “to further the upgrading and management of the grounds”.

Anyone interested in helping to establish the Friends of Pevensey Playgrounds should contact the clerk to council,  Sarah Mosedale, on 01323 743 900, or at theclerk@pevenseyparishcouncil.org.

The Pevensey Bay Journal is to feature an exclusive interview with Peter Lowton, the chair of Pevensey Parish Council, about the new three year plan that is to go live to every household in the parish.

The Christmas edition will feature his plans for a questionnaire, that is to be delivered to every household.

The Pevensey Bay Journal said, “the exciting news that lottery money for the new play equipment is now here and that there is a proposal for a Friends of Pevensey Playgrounds, are both indicators of a direction of travel by the Parish Council and indicators of all the hard work being put in by councillors of the calibre of Shirley MacKinnon and Jayne Howard.

“These are important indicators because this is the kind of spirit of enterprise that is being put into the three year plan

“There is so little money that Pevensey Parish Council has to offer for community initiatives, with the plan, because of the constraints on them. First impressions suggest a difficulty in seeing how a plan can do anything other than spell out a bleak message. But maybe, that is what makes the publication of the plan interesting.

“The decision, for example, to include all residents in the process, both in print and online, is the right starting point.

“In addition, the decision to move from a very small grant funding offer to the community on an annual basis, to a new process that could include a degree of partnership with some local initiatives, is positive.

“New community projects would offer the possibility of some kind of catalyst. What we need in the parish is new initiatives with a public purpose, that become sustainable.

“There is no money, maybe that is the point. At critical times, when services at all levels are under such pressure that they break, there have to be new ways of doing things if local communities are to survive.

“The three year plan emerging from Pevensey Parish Council can be seen in that light.

“If only one or two sustainable initiatives emerge as part of this process, then what is about to be delivered will be something of long term value.

“If there is a small chemical reaction from the catalyst, then those sparks could ignite interest from groups working within the community as well as from some new groups that might be fired up in the process”.

As Goosie Gander arrives to the Wallsend Ground, and the proposal to found the Friends of Pevensey Playgrounds is mooted, we may be seeing the start of a series of initiatives.

These steps lead to the local three year plan that will begin in 2019.

We live in the most critical of times, both as a country, and as parishes up and down the land.

At a local level, Pevensey Parish Council is providing positive hope and practical action in these most critical of times.