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Gusts up to 50mph this morning (23 February) in Pevensey Bay as residents have woken to yet another stay indoors Sunday. The dogs will not get walked again today.

Questions about if we will return to some ‘normal’ weather’ at some point as we move towards early Spring have been replaced by recordings of the kinds of gusts that are usually seen and heard only on occasion.

On the third Sunday in a row the gusts have been powerful witb doors rattling on their hinges and residents checking that their garden furniture is tethered safe.

The wind drops to nothing and then seems to go from 0mph to 20mph in seconds with the pent up power to shift outside furniture and rattle doors on their hinges, sending whooshing sounds down chimneys like approaching underground trains.

No rain, but unsettling again for many residents as they wake to ‘abnormal’ conditions.

Wind speeds (9:00) currently 22mph, with gusts recorded to 52mph.

The Youth Race, part of the Brighton Half Marathon, has been postponed due to weather conditions with strong winds looking set to hit the south coast.

A spokeswoman for the Brighton Half Youth Race said that it was unable to build the infrastructure needed for the youth race to go ahead today.

The decision has been made to postpone the junior races for later in the year.

The BBC forecast for Pevensey Bay predicts gusts dropping through the morning from 40mph to 20mph by 14:00.

The BBC South East forecast suggests “mainly cloudy with spells of showery rain and drizzle, particularly this morning. A drier but still quite cloudy afternoon. Rather windy and mild with fresh to strong south-westerly winds”.

Later they say, “the night will continue to be rather cloudy with occasional rain and drizzle. The winds will moderate for most parts but they could be fresher over coastal parts”.

The outlook for the weather for Sussex over the next week is also unsettled, with more rain and wind forecast.

The Met office suggests “tomorrow (Monday, February 24) it will be dry for a time during the early morning, but the rain will return, turning heavy and persistent at times before clearing southeastwards later”.