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THIS WEEK ** BREAKING: Eastbourne Herald put up for sale

COMMUNITY The One and Only Tom Fitzpatrick is Back: Ocean View, Pevensey Bay

LETTERS Christine Fenner and Jo Belcher: Support us and the pond and the village of Westham


Image credit: Castle Inn. Pevensey Bay

Down at the Tube Station at Midnight: The Buddas of Surburbia
Hands down Business post of the week by a long way, Castle Inn: Lovely affectionate tribute for Saturday, down town at the Castle Inn.
P.S. Just for the record, they are really good, especially the Elvis section.
—Bay Life 10 October 2018

By popular demand…
By popular demand… no, wait a minute… in spite of popular demand The Landlord and his favourite Irish friend return for another Saturday night of fun-filled tunes! If craft and musicianship is your bag there’s probably an opera on at Glyndebourne, but if on the other hand you’re into cheesey sing-alongs and listening to two middle-aged men bickering in between songs, then this Saturday at The Castle is the only place to be! Bring your drinking boots!
—Castle Inn, 10 October 2018