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In recent weeks there has been a spate of fly tipping incidents in the Pevensey Levels desecrating the coastal marshland and threatening its delicate ecosystem. In some incidents asbestos has been fly-tipped which can be dangerous to humans and the environment. —Wealden Council, 6 March 2019

We believe the fly tippers may be operating as illegal waste contractors

So far Wealden District Council has spent more than £1,200 of taxpayers’ money clearing up the mess.  We would like your help in catching the fly tippers.

So far they appear to use different locations along the Levels each time. Locations include Rickney Lane and Cricketing Lane. They do appear to have a good local knowledge of the area.

If you see anyone dumping waste on the Pevensey Levels, or vans or lorries with waste behaving suspiciously, please report it to Wealden’s Street Scene team at street.scene@wealden.gov.uk, phone 01892 602735. If you can take a photo on your mobile phone that would be great…but please contact us directly and don’t take personal risks. Do not share evidence on Facebook. This can invalidate its use in any subsequent criminal prosecution.
We believe the fly tippers may be operating as illegal waste contractors, charging householders and businesses to take away their unwanted building waste, and then dumping it. They may be operating along a wider area of the south east coast.

We are asking people if they recognise any of the waste dumped in the photographs – particularly if anyone has had asbestos removed from a building such as an old garage, shed or barn. Or if anyone is aware of this type of work being carried out near them. If so, please get in touch with our street scene team. We must not allow this to continue.

Wealden’s Street Scene team: street.scene@wealden.gov.uk , telephone 01892 602735

Don’t forget: if you pay someone to dispose of your waste, you must ensure that they are a registered waste carrier. Ask to see a waste carrier’s licence. It is best practice to request and retain a receipt.