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logo credit: Ziza Stupkova

Organisers of the new Pevensey Food Festival have posted their first media release today (18 September).

The media release gives a taster of the delights that we will be seeing here in 2020 in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay, as the first food festival lays out their table, with what aims to be an annual event.

The food festival branded ‘Pevfeast’, is taking a lead from the successful Pevfest music event which ran here for five successful years, and, as some local people have argued ‘became a victim of its own success’.

Up to forty bands played an eclectic mix of sets across 7 public houses here over a single weekend.

Today the legacy of the successful Pevfest brand still plays on in the community with annual spin offs includng Aquafest at the AquaBar in Pevensey Bay and now SmugFest at the Smugglers Inn in Pevensey.

At the height of the success, upwards of 2-3,000 people came to Pevensey Bay to be part of Pevfest at the annual event.

Organisers are aiming to repeat the success of Pevfest, with Pevfeast, targeting this time, families with themed food events.

A set of food themed events will draw families into the locality to sample the food delights that we have to offer, with carefully shaped plate sized events.

All the food establishments taking part in the event, will receive local publicity from the organisers.

Their goal is to see that this foodie heaven corner of Sussex is put on the foodie map of Sussex in a special way, tailored to the unique spirit of the Bay, as an annual event.

In 2020, VE Day on May 8, will mark the 75th anniversary of the Day when ‘the guns went silent’. We already know that oragnisers of the Pevensey Fod Festival plan something special on the Day, although they are yet to release details of what is planned to the community.

There is to be a new Bank Holiday in the country in celebration of the Day when ‘the guns fell silent”.

Talking to Bay Life this morning (September 18), organisers say that they have now chosen the three food establishments that are to launch their taster events in October and November 2019 to test what people think of the notion of an annual food festival.

Based on our identity as a community and the eclectic food interests of the community and why foodie visitors come to the Bay, the team are aiming to fully capture the spirit of endeavour in local restaurants and cafes. A taster piefest evening seems a good place to start.

The three local food establishments chosen to launch the taster events in October and November 2019 are the Priory Court Hotel and Restaurant in Pevensey, Miah Indian Restaurant,in Pevensey Bay and the Ocean VIew Bakery and Restaurant in Pevensey Bay.

In their first media release, organisers say, “We have firmed up our taster events

“We will start on 24 October with a Grill and Ghost Night at Priory Court Hotel.

Bay Life understands that the evening will see a meal and ghost walk combined and that a poster wil be published later today.

Saturday 2 November will see a piefest quiz night at the Ocean View Bakery. Organisers say that “details are being worked out including the menu and price, but we have suggested a piefest night”.

“Then on 19 and 20 November at Miah’s Indian Restaurant, in Pevensey Bay, there is to be a Banquet Night. 3 courses for two people and a bottle of house wine for £30″.

All the events are to be branded under the Pevfeast theme and promoted widely as part of the food festival taster events as organisers ‘prep’ for 2020.

Organisers told us that the taster events in October and November this year are intended to test what people think of the Pevensey Food Festival (Pevfeast) as a new annual brand to be promoted in the locality.

As an umbrella for small location festivals, people have noted some of the unique features of the locality.

These features include the closeness and walkability of the area, from an ancient castle to an Elizabethan High Street, through to the quirkiness of the Bay as a small seaside coastal location with an eclectic mix of fine food establishments and the golden groynes of the sunset of the Beach for afters. as the sun goes down.

In some ways, there is a good argument to be made that we have a unique and rich set of natural backdrops that are ideally suited to small scale fstival events, that include history and the heritage of the seaside.

Why we have not made more of this special and particular local landscape, to benefit both residents and visitors, is something of a mystery. The natural settings are ripe for exploration with the right kinds of events. for the people that live here and the people that visit us.

Plans for events are now appearing that seem to resonate with the community setting, so perhaps we will be seeing more annual, community based events here.

The economic and social benefits for all concerned are manifest. Seeing Pevensey and Pevensey Bay put on the community map as a home to small scale festivals also puts us on the visitor destination map.

The ways in which these things can be done, with the right organisers and the right events, boost the spirits of everyone,

Done in the right ways these events tune well with the history here and the creative and individual spirit of endeavour that permeates so much activity here.

Will the Pevensey Food Festival work as a set of ideas?

Will local people and visitors take to the idea when they begin to see what is planned and the special offers? Going from location to location seeing what each food establishmeennt has to offer as part of the food festival, certainly there seems to be some potential in the idea.

These taster events look set to test the water.

In May 2020 the Government is planning to support a very special set of VE Day events on the new Bank Holiday, right across the country

They say on their planning web platform, “When VE Day dawns on 8th May 2020 it will be 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. Years of carnage and destruction had come to an end and millions of people took to the streets to celebrate”.

We already know that the organisers of the Pevensey Food Festival are planning something special in the locality on VE Day next year.

We wait to see if we will seeing 40 food events across 17 local food establishments on the Day, or perhaps the biggest street party for any village in Sussex..

Congratulations to the Pevfeast organisers with their idea for the event, we wait with interest to see how this event on the community calendar will work as part of VE Day on 8 May 2020.

All food establishments and events participating in the Pevensey Food Festival will be branded and promoted by the organisers as part of Pevfeast.

The logo, like the festival idea, was homegrown, made by local artist and graphic designer, Ziza Stupkova, who lives in Pevensey Bay.