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In focus, the smartphone notes: Gathering the local data on the special deals for Christmas

As the choice sliver of liver and bacon special on the board was placed with the same enthusiasm she does day in and day out in front of the Journal reporter designated to visit twelve local business leaders, exhausted, but still smiling, Katie Bundy sat down for the interview, grinned, and open mouthed said, “not bad hey?”

Notes on what was planned included the three course meal Christmas offering that starts on December 1.

As she beckoned, to point out what as on offer with the sheet now pinned to the welcome door in the Garden of Eden that is the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant, she turned back and sat down again opposite to deliver the news “not bad, hey, we are doing Christmas Day Dinner on the Day and we have sold 52, not any advertising”.

The bookings which have come in within days of the announcement that they will be doing a special Christmas Day Dinner, are a tribute to the work of Katie and her staff at the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant. The popular cafe and restaurant, without question, has been a hit in Pevensey Bay for many years.

What Katie Bundy and her staff have done is to add that special ingredient, the magic of an ambience that is both pure Pevensey Bay and a daily celebration of the notion of community.

That is some act to follow. Glastonbury sells out within 5 minutes in the same week. Katie and her team do much the same with their tickets to the Christmas Dinner.

But the Ocean View has the pyramid stage in the garden of your dreams every day of the year, and in the stunning deal of the sun on Tuesday 9 October, you can see for miles and miles.

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