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Local resident, 89 year old Pauline Montgomery, known as ‘the Whippet Lady’, prepares for her role as guest editor of the Christmas edition of the Pevensey Bay Journal. Here she writes about the Red Telephone Box Book Exchange project in Beachlands

Last year I guest edited the Christmas Pevensey Bay Journal and chose for the front cover, the lovely picture of newly born Lilly with Mum Mary, ‘touching Christmas’ for the first time at the Castle Inn.

This year I wanted to do something different. I am presenting the twelve advent community calendar windows of Christmas.

The Christmas pullout is a picture post edition comprised of pictures of local organisations and people and captions to celebrate their work.

I hope you enjoy seeing all the 12 advent calendar windows.

Christmas is a great time of sharing and remembering. Important that we acknowledge all the wonderful work that goes on this community.

I hope that I have chosen some things representative of the spirit of Pevensey and Pevensey Bay.

I wanted to say something about the Red Telephone Box Book Exchange project in Beachlands because this is such an interesting idea. I had a thought, does open up the chance of people who have not previously known of one another, making contact through their love of reading.

Beachlands was a new foundation of modern housing in the thirties which has now matured into a friendly community.

This is not just an old phone box now, but links people and has a familiarity and has a place and personality.

What a lovely picture of the red phone box book exchange project at night, really does light up the scene.

In pride of place. What a unique new landmark to illuminate our sense of community.

Pauline Montgomery

Christmas Pevensey Bay Journal in local newsagents, Saturday 14 December 2019, priced 40p.