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image credit: Bay Hotel Open Mic Night

The popular Bay Hotel Open Mic Night in Pevensey Bay is to be held twice a month, moving from a monthly fixture. The event is now held on the first and third Thursday every month.

Organisers who hold the night in the newly restored public house, have seen further interest in the successful night since the extensive work done on the hotel has been completed. As well as a Facebook page with regular updates about the night, there is now a visual diary that profiles people playing and participating in the event.

After the extensive work on the hotel, which has taken almost a year to complete, the hotel is planning a public launch on Wednesday 4 December.

Organisers of the Open Mic Night said on their Facebook page, “pleased to announce that the Bay Hotel Open Mic Night is now fortnightly. The first and third Thursday every month.

“Next night will be held on Thursday 21st November.

“Come and visit the newly refurbished Bar for a play or just to listen. Look forward to seeing you”.

Talking about the press launch of the hotel, Bay Life commented, “the potential not just to transform the Bay Hotel public house, but Pevensey Bay”