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Stone Cross, Pevensey Bay and Westham surgery today (15 August) told Bay Life that the practice is to consider setting up a survey of local patient interests and needs seen from the perspective of the community.

Dr. Tim Tran told Bay Life, “this is something that we have been thinking about for some time as a practice and we are getting there in terms of what will be considering as a practice to include in the survey”.

He added, “what we want to see is a connection with the community in a new way and our way of making this new connection will be in the form of a survey to find out more about what the community thinks about our service”.

He suggested, “one way that we may profile our survey is to utilise the Pevensey Bay Journal.”

Dr Tran commented that he liked the profile of the newspaper and the attention to detail with the layout right down, as he put things “to the choice of pink as a background to the pages”.

Promotion of the Stone Cross, Pevensey Bay and Westham surgery, together with a profile of the practice looks set to appear soon in the pages of the Pevensey Bay Journal, together with an examination of their proposed survey.

A spokesman for the Journal said this afternoon, “we are both delighted and excited at the prospect of working with the NHS and the local Stone Cross, Pevensey Bay and Westham surgery to promote community innovation.

“Two jewels in the crown of this country are, in chronological order, the BBC and the NHS.

“The prospect of working with the local surgery practice to look at the question of innovation in the community marks a step change for us as a newspaper and perhaps too for the practice. 

“We hope to be able to demonstrate that we can add community value to the practice by working with them to communicate the values of their proposed survey”.