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Westham WI is to join the Journal eventboards for a year, beginning on Monday 21 January.

The eventboards, which appear monthly in print in the Pevensey Bay Journal as a four page insert and also online, in the new journal eventboards,  a feature which updates automatically on a daily basis, gives public houses, community centres and organisers of weekly and monthly special events in the locality, an opportunity to promote what they do.

Special yearly community rates apply to organisation like residents associations, theatre groups, art groups, dog walking groups and community ventures and bodies with an established local and national profile in the affairs of the community.

A new business and community register, ‘the big society’, which is included in the eventboard section of the newspaper, features these groups. In addition the groups get to see some of their special events (up to six) featured in the pages of the Journal in print and online, as articles and news stories.

Talking on behalf of Westham WI, Sandra Hyde said, “we have just had our first WI Committee meeting of the new year and I presented your detailed offer of the yearly community rate for Westham Evening WI event listing.

“The Committee were very impressed with your generous rate and agreed to the terms in your summary. If it is not too late I wish you a Happy New Year and all the very best to you and Bay Life and the Journal for 2019″.

To find out more about how to see your organisation featured in the pages of the Journal, and whether your organisation qualifies for our special yearly community rate, you can contact us here info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk