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CycleTech at Anderida House is now up and running and fully operational, as the business gets into gear.

Talking to owner, Guy Soper, yesterday (November 20), what became obvious was the industry at work.

The shape of the building, which is of historic note, has been well utilised, with all the angles set so that there are racks of top brand wheels hanging high in rows, working with the contours of the room.

As people walk into the bike showroom, impossible not to be impressed with the feast of bikes and accessories on display, and there is much more to come. All of this done at speed, literally all done within ten days. of launch.

The business comes with a great deal of experience from their previous base in Westham. Old customers are already finding the new location.

Hard to ignore the possibility that we are seeing the development as a sustainable enterprise in the new location. In time what we may be seeing is a new beacon for the cause of biking and the cause of Pevensey Bay, all showcased in a building that has a history that extends back to the birth of family cycling in the 1930s.

Moving forward into the second decade of the twentieth first century, there are some exciting possible times for the business to capture the spirit of the fast moving world of cycling,

The signage outside is clean and crisp with the right emphasis on the visual identity of the business, and there is more to come, with a possible centrepiece window display.

The centrepiece visual to come may be an illustration of a family, all in line, on their bikes.

Outside we have bikes stood on the curtain wall in line in an interesting stand up display. There are plans for someone to be working on a new bike forecourt, repair feature to the business that will be on full display, coming in Spring 2020.

The showcase enterprise, is developing. We may be seeing a bike hire scheme emerge for visiting families to the Bay next  year.

Impressive? The business is already being noticed by residents and the cars that pass pass by Anderida House.

A grinning owner,  Guy Soper, told Bay Life, “there is much more to come”.

Already there is a buzz to CycleTech at Anderida House.

Most certainly, CycleTech at Anderida House is already getting into gear.

CycleTech Pevensey Bay
Anderida House
1 Wallsend Rd, Pevensey Bay,  BN24 6AE
Phone: 01323 660150