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Breaking news: Are we about to see the BBC in Beachlands?

Is next in line for regeneration in the Beachlands estate a possible plan to see the telephone box in Marine Marine restored?

A K3 phone box designed in 1929 by Giles Gilbert Scott maybe? A rare surviving K3 kiosk can be seen beside the Penguin Beach exhibit at ZSL London Zoo, where it has been protected from the weather by the projecting eaves and recently restored to its original colour scheme.

Mystery surrounds what is beginning to happen in Beachlands, with all kinds of  comment about possible plans.

Beachlands is now known to have been the original creation of one of the most eminent provincial architects of the twentieth century, T Cecil Howitt, whose sketches of the original design for the first fifty houses are to go on display at local Pevensey Bay Library.

The estate was originally planned as ‘a modernist town in its entirety’ and the rediscovery of the eminent provincial architect as the author of the town has already led to a national book being put into production about the story of the planning of the estate in 1934.

Preparation for research with the book is being taught locally by an experienced adult education tutor seconded to a group of local students, commissioned by the Pevensey Timeline Association and Brighton Town Press, a specialist book publisher based in Brighton.

Interest in the work of the architect reaches across the country. In Nottingham he is revered as one of the heroes of the city.

His archive, which is about to be studied by researchers travelling up to Nottingham from Pevensey Bay working on the book, extends to 70 boxes in the archives of Nottingham City Council.

An organisation in Nottingham, the Howitt Foundation, is dedicated to his work. Researchers are also to visit the Howitt Foundation on their visit to Nottingham

At the time he was commissioned to layout and sketch the plan for a modernist town on the site of what is now Beachlands, he was also commissioned by Odeon Cinemas to design art deco classic masterpieces across the country.

In Western- Super -Mare, his art deco masterpiece cinema (1933) is now a listed budding.

The news that the original conception of the Beachlands estate was a Howitt project has caused ripples of interest across the country with fans, commentators and historians of early modernist architecture in the country,

As well as a Guardian article about the re-discovery, there is also the possibility of a BBC programme to accompany the developing work on the project to produce the book .

The restoration of Marine Avene to the original conception, what was to have been a gateway to an entire town, is also being mooted

The book, which is to be launched “T. Cecil Howitt, the story of the Beachlands estate and his unfinished symphony to the sea” will be available to buy in the summer of 2018.

Bay Life understands that a significant sum is being mooted in the form of potential grant provision to see the restoration of the Marine Avenue gateway take place. Interest in early modernism across the country is now very much in vogue.

Commentators have noted that potential interest in the project from national funders is happening contemporaneously with the re-opening of the Saltdean Lido along the coast on the edge of nearby Brighton after a seven year project to restore the Lido.

The most curious element breaking news about the Beachlands project is that some of the street signs appear mysteriously to have been repainted.

Bay Life is wondering whether there may be more to the street signage re-painting than is immediately obvious.

We love the scarecrow theme and installation in the picture as well.

Are we about to see a BBC outside unit parked up in Marine Avenue filming for a programme or news piece about the Marine Avenue restoration project to be broadcast nationally in the near future?