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image credit: Joanna Ruby Belcher

Video of pond in Westham and the sight of dead fish

This evening (Sunday 29 July 2018) we received a video of the pond in Westham and the sight of dead fish. The video could not be transferred on to Bay Life, so we could not report on the commentary.

The commentary that accompanied the video was written down. Our view is that what Joanna Ruby Belcher had to say was worth seeing, The commentary was articulate, impassioned and emphatic. This is her commentary, which we have set out like a poem, so that you get a feel of the passion and articulacy.

The commentary also has a still from the video. We have titled her commentary, Poetry in Motion (unlike Westham pond).

We would be happy to publish a reply from Westham Parish Council, either as a communication or piece of poetry.

—Bay Life, 29 July 2018

Poetry in motion (unlike Westham pond)
Joanna Ruby Belcher

For the parish council to look after the pond which is their job
to be dredged
we have asked for the water to be looked at
the inlet and the outlet
and we just get ignored ignored ignored
Because of the severe lack of rain and the pond is not flowing properly
the water is not going into the pond and is flooding the gardens instead
because the inlet has been blocked
and nobody
but nobody has bothered to find it
When the pond was redone they did not check for the inlet or outlet
the maintenance of this pond is just appalling
and now as you can see, we have dead fish everywhere
there is literally dead fish everywhere.
I mean Westham conservationists,
Westham Parish Council,
what on earth
are you playing at
I have lived in this village for nearly fifty years
and this is appalling
the pond needs dredging
the inlet and the outlet need finding, reopening and sorting
this is absolutely appalling
they all live round here
Every day they look at it and nothing has been done.
It’s dreadful.