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Image credit: Stuart Thomson, Aqua Bar

Pevensey Bay Journal: Five Alive Interviews.
Local charity fund raising events, five questions to organisers of these inspiring local initiatives.
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Long live the Aqua Bar Ethos: Feature interview: The Journal talks to Stuart Thomson about the Brighton Naked Bike Ride 2018

Stuart organises a number of charity fund raising events at the Aqua Bar in Pevensey Bay. His bold move to take part in the Brighton Naked Bike Ride 2018 on June 10, on behalf of two local charities, raised eyebrows and interest.

We talked first about what on paper looked very much like an original idea in every way… who we wanted to know, came up with the idea? The money shot at the finishing line with the last answer that Stuart gave us was somewhat inspiring. Credit to Stuart Thomson and friend Terry, and the Aqua Bar and their ethos.

STUART THOMSON: It was a bit of a joint thing between Terry and myself. He did it a couple of years ago so we felt it was different enough to raise a few pounds, not to mention a few eyebrows for charity.

PEVENSEY BAY JOURNAL: Bit of a bold thing to do, any doubts or did everyone just say, let us do this one…

STUART: To be honest it was a bit daunting but the closer the day came the more exciting it became. On the day of the ride I was wandering around the staging area just wanting it to start.

JOURNAL: The Aqua Bar has got a good reputation for doing some great charity fund raising events, did you get support from local people, must have been a bit of a buzz planning this one!!

STUART: We got lots of support from locals and visitors both. Lots of positivity before and after and we are very grateful for everyone’s support.

JOURNAL: How did things go on the day, was the day fun any funny incidents!!

STUART: The day went really well it was a great event around 2000 people took part and it was fantastically policed and supported by the folks of Brighton. I think we were concentrating too much on not falling off to notice any particular incidents but everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves and riders supported riders

JOURNAL: How much was raised on the day? Which organisations got the money? You must have had a great sense of pride as you finished the day, would you do such thing again? Really novel idea for fund raising, The Bay LIfe Journal says, the Aqua Bar Ethos rules!!!!

STUART: We hope to have raised about £1,300 pounds. The monies will be split between the Lennox Children’s Cancer Trust who help support families with little ones suffering cancer, and Twinkling Stars a local village based charity which helps bereaved families to pay for headstones for lost children. It was a great feeling when we finished. Returning to the Aqua and receiving lots of pats on our slightly pained backs. We would do it again in a heartbeat. We have raised the bar a bit high so heaven knows what we will do next year. As they say watch this space. Long live the Ethos.

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Pevensey Bay Journal: Five Alive Interviews.
Local Charity fund raising events, five questions to organisers of these inspiring local inititaives.