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Published Saturday 29 September 2018
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On Golden Pond
The sight of a full council Parish meeting in Westham descending into chaos on Monday 17 September, is something that the public gallery is unlikely to forget. Forty something people gathered to witness the farce.

As Westham parish councillors buried their heads in shame looking down at their desks, with only their nameplates left as a marker to their contributions to the debate, they must have known that what was at stake was not just the future of Westham village pond

By the time that you are reading this leaderboard we will see if any of the councillors have resigned, or perhaps all of them.

Their shameful display began by chairman Keith Stevens suggesting that he might close the meeting as proceedings began at 7:30pm, because of the nature of the opposition that the Council was facing with regard to the management of Westham Village pond.

Had he closed the meeting as proceedings began, he would have ended his own chairmanship and with that, quite likely the council.

Our report of the meeting which we publish in this edition of the Journal, will leave people wondering how much longer the council can last. Our view is that Westham Parish Council may be dead in the water.