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film production designer, art director, painter and illustrator.
Sea Road car park and Information Centre, Pevensey Bay

The Pevensey Bay Journal is to feature the work of the Information Centre in Pevensey Bay.

A spokeswoman talking to us today (October 5), on behalf of the Information Centre asked to see if the work of the centre could be featured in the Journal.

A new column is to be established in the newspaper with edition 22, published on Saturday 27 October.

Described as ‘a treasure house of information, books, local literature, events and information. Staffed entirely by well informed volunteers, and home also to a hospital car scheme run by volunteers’, the new feature in print will see a number of aspects of their work outlined and developed in the pages of the paper.

The Pevensey Bay Information Centre is home to some of the artwork of Michael Stringer (1924–2004) in the form of postcards and notelets.

He was a film production designer, art director, painter and illustrator. Stringer’s work as art director included Fiddler on the Roof (1971), involving much shooting in Yugoslavia, which earned him an Academy Award nomination. He lived in Pevensey Bay in the latter part of his life, making a full contribution to the local art group, illustrating scenes of local life.

The rights to some of his artwork were gifted to the Information Centre.

Read, The Treasure House in the Upturned Boat, beginning on Saturday 27 October, in the pages of the Journal.

Pevensey Bay Information Centre
Sea Road Car Park, Pevensey Bay
01323 766230 460800

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