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THIS WEEK DVD 800th Anniversary Concerts: St. Nicolas church tribute to memory of Owen Visick

LETTERS Community asset nomination by the book: Purchase the Beach Tavern, but include a library

CAMPAIGN Friends of Library: Media release points the way towards charitable status for local library

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Council is establishing a wish list
Council is currently trying to establish a wish list of what it can do to meet the needs of our local residents. People who attended the recent Information Day will have been able to pick up a form and in fact we have been inundated with 7 pages of “wishes”

It is great that there have been so many suggestions and Council is working on categorising and prioritising the list. Once this has been done it will be published and the wider community will be able to comment and add their own suggestions as to what is required.

Council is determined to ascertain what is required (within budgets and practical constraints) so please bear with us whilst we make the first attempt at a cohesive and manageable programme for the future – “Quick Win” “Essential maintenance”

“Short term” and “Long term” wishes are the categories on which to concentrate!
—Malcolm Lawson, clerk to Council, 6 July 2017