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THIS WEEK Summer makeover: Surface dressing programme to ‘pothole-proof’ county roads

COMMUNITY UPDATE: Pevensey Mini History Festival

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Update from Ian Thomas Environmental Agency with regards to the beach works.

“The final throes of winter beach maintenance have been rather disjointed, but I am sure you will be glad to hear there are only three more days when we plan to use dumper trucks. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday they will move shingle from the Kiosk area up to ‘White Horses’ and Sovereign Harbour. The beach at the Kiosk will not be narrowed, only shingle from the berm in front of the crest or from lower down the beach will be used.

Once the dumpers leave, the bulldozer will work Thursday and Friday to generally tidy up and remove track marks ahead of summer”
—Pevensey Parish Council, 9 May 2019