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All kennels and catteries in Wealden have received a new star rating for the first time

Sixteen have achieved the top 5-star rating from the Rother and Wealden Shared Environmental Health service. In total, nine kennels and 18 catteries have been approved through the scheme.

“I know that meeting the new animal welfare licence requirements this year has been a challenge for many local kennels and catteries. I am sure they will give pet owners much greater peace of mind.” said Councillor Philip Lunn, Wealden Cabinet member with responsibility for animal welfare. “I am very pleased that most operators have invested in their premises to ensure they achieve the highest 5-star standard.”

“All the listings can be found on the Wealden website. Don’t forget to check the ratings before you book.”

A 5-star kennel or cattery achieves a higher standard than the legal guidelines laid down by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the animal welfare regulations. A number of premises have invested in larger housing for boarding cats and dogs in order to achieve the 5-star rating. Other measures encouraged by the star rating scheme include increasing the number of staff present, providing enrichment activities for cats and dogs and written procedures. A 3-star kennel cattery meets the minimum standards set down by DEFRA. A 1-star rating means the premises has minor failings from the minimum standard, although it is still legally approved.

Full details of the licensed animal premises in Wealden and their star rating can be found on the Wealden website.

Look out for the Star Rating certificate for the premises when you visit.