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image credit: Langney Community Library

UPDATE NOTE 6:00pm, Monday 5 November
The best library ever
The growing crisis at East Sussex County Council was the third item on the BBC1 News at 6:00pm. Alan Shuttleworth was there to talk about the launch of Langney Community Library. There was the brightness of the children and the colour of the books, filling TV screens across the country with the beacon of hope that is Langney Community Library. One of the children interviewed was asked about what they thought about being there for the launch. ‘Best library ever’, he said.

When we published this story this morning we had no idea that we would be seeing Langney Community library on the national news. Many congratulations to Alan Shuttleworth and his team….. and ‘the best library ever’.

Langney Community Library has been awarded Charity Status by the Charity Commission. The Trustees are planning to open the community library with full support from people within the community.

Chair of the Langney Community Library, Alan Shuttleworth, said, “We are really pleased with progress and we would like to thank all those who have been helping with the project”

The project has been established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. In documents lodged with the Charity Commission the organisation says “the aim of the CIO is to advance the education of the public in general through the provision of a community based public amenity.

The founding document also says that the purpose of the project is to promote for the benefit of residents the provision of a library for learning, recreation and other leisure time occupation.

The document also talks about “financial hardship” and “social and economic circumstances’ as being objectives in “improving the conditions of life for said residents”

Simon Montgomery, editor of the Pevensey Bay Journal said “this project ticks all the right boxes in relation to continuing legacy of our near three hundred year history with the public library movement in this country that can be traced back to the Penny Universities of an Oxford Coffee shop in 1652.

He said, “the principles of the public library movement are fundamentally important to any small rural community, what is vital is that there is an understanding of what the library movement means and why the values of a public library really matter.

“These values have been carried forward through time and energy and understanding since the Libraries Act of 1850.

“The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers was a group of 28 people that was formed in 1844. The Pioneers rented their first store at 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale and opened a public library on the first floor of the shop.

“Seeing what is happening in Langney with this library opening in the shopping centre is a perfect fit with the new mutuality movement that is emerging in this post-austerity age. This new mutuality movement with libraries began with the countywide initiative in Devon in 2015 with Libraries Unlimited.

“What has happened here on our doorstep is a beacon of hope and should be a guide to us all. Mutuality is a movement that emerged in the nineteenth century in relation to building societies, the co-operative movement and also the public library movement.

“Above all local libraries are public spaces with a public purpose, with values that can most certainly be traced back nearly 300 years.

“Trust and trustees and charitable status are all bookmarks here that demonstrate that the people behind this community library have an understanding not just of the principles behind the library movement, but also the local social and economic circumstances of the community in Langney.

“That is why this project has received the full support of people in Langney. With the responsibility of  trusteeship comes accountability. The reason that accountability is so important is because a local public library belongs to the people that the library serves.

“We will be supporting Langney Communiity Library both online and in the Pevensey Bay Journal with promotion to support the values of the library, free of charge.

Langney Community Library commented (3 November), “not open yet but will be soon”.

Fred Cox commented on their Facebook newsfeed, “Well done to all the helpers and organisers”.

Above a picture of the inside workings of the library with all the shelves and books in place there are two simple words “looking good”.

Congratulations to Alan Shuttleworth and his team with the opening of Langney Community library.