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Local crime map: Reported crimes March 2019: 51
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Interesting, easily accessible, local crime map

Interesting, easily accessible information about local crime in the community, well presented.

Why is this crime map not more widely known, quoted and utilised by local people and stakeholder organisations? Perhaps there are some patterns here that could be picked up by local groups, patterns of burglary for example, or is that too simplistic an analysis of the data? One place that might be a natural fit for the data might be the Pevensey Parish Council website.

Published in March 2012, Sussex Police became the first force in the UK to launch a mobile based app for reporting crime. How come this initiative is not more widely known in the locality? Local groups in Brighton, for example, appear to publish data specific to their neighbourhoods on a regular monthly basis. Why do we not do the same in Pevensey and Westham? Here might be another role for the kind of local resident association type organisations that appear to be emerging in Pevensey Bay.

Might these organisations, maybe meeting on a three monthly basis, studying these crime maps, be able to join up the dots a little, so to speak, in terms of looking at local crime?

Interesting to see this data mapped though, on a three basis, and a real service to the community in these cash strapped times when the police are under such pressure with their resources so reduced.

We publish these pointers to the local crime map on a three monthly basis.
—Bay Life, 10 May 2019

Crime map and statistics
You can now view the latest crime figures for your neighbourhood by using an interactive map
—Sussex Police

In March 2019 51 crimes were reported in this neighbourhood.
Explore the crime map