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THIS WEEK Plans begin to see Pevensey Bay and locality become ‘homegrown festival showcase'

COMMUNITY Life of local campaigner, Jan Barron, to be celebrated in the community with a new award


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Editor, Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine
4-6 hours a week
unpaid internship
closing date Friday 30 August 2019
interviews in w/c 2 September 2019

Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine is a new online magazine that will serve four villages, Westham, Pevensey, Normans Bay and Pevensey.

A brand new independent news based guide and information magazine web portal.

The Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine launches online on August Bank Holiday Sunday (25 August) in six weeks time.

The aim of the magazine portal is to support and promote the work of the 18 local food establishments in the locality as a magazine style weekly news review.

There is a diet of weekly news, updates and briefings about what is on offer here in the four villages, targeting a wider visitor audience in East Sussex.

The Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine aims to reach 10,000 page views within their first month of launch online. The web portal also aims to see part of their promotion in print. There is to be a new four page pull out of culinary highlights in the local independent tabloid newspaper, the Pevensey Bay Journal.

Highlights in the magazine include, “18 with a bulletin” their theme for a desktop newsletter that will be available on a subscription basis accessible through the magazine portal.

‘Keeping tabs’, will be a series of sections for each of the food establishments on the magazine portal. ‘New on the menu’ will outline special offers. ‘Take the A Board’ will provide a series of screenshots of specials menu boards across the food establishments on a weekly basis.

The new online magazine portal is a vital and engaging way to promote local food and drink options in the locality.

Pevfeast, the Pevensey Food Festival, will be be utilising the state of the art, smart phone ready, magazine web platform, to promote the idea of a for festival in the locality.

The job of the editor will be to oversee the content and visual identity of the web platform, supplying ideas, liaising with local food establishment and writing a 250 word piece each week to headline the web platform.

The web platform is a technical state of the art, smart phone ready operation ready to go, developed by a national award winnings web company based in Brighton.

No technical skills are required for this role, a small modicum of posting skills online would be useful, although not necessary either.

What is necessary for the role is an ability to write in an engaging way about local food, an ability to communicate with the local hospitality industry and an ability to work with passion to promote the 18 local food establishments.

What is also necessary for the role is an ability to communicate effectively with a variety of clients in the local hospitality sector, bringing to the role an understanding of the economic and social context of the local hospitality sector.

Interview procedures will be by a single A4 sheet outlining experiences, together with a submitted article about an aspect of the local food and drink industries (250 words in total). Interview will take place in the first week In September

The position will be of interest to anyone looking to add an interesting commercial dimension to their CV, particularly people who are looking to digital journalism as part of a possible career move,

Applications to
Dianne Dear/Shirley Mackinnon/Jayne Howard
The Pevensey Bay Journal
37a Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay BN24 6HL

Pevensey Food and Drink magazine is sponsored by Harper Hair co. We gratefully acknowledge their financial support.