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A campaign founded by District Councillor Dianne Dear (who is also the publisher of Bay Life) has begun to see more crossings established in both Pevensey Bay and Pevensey.

Something must be done before there is a fatality

Dianne who has put her name forward to be reselected as our Conservative WD Councillor for 2019 elections said today (19 February) “this has been close to my heart for at least 2 years with locals continually asking me where’s our crossing”

“I will continue to talk to East Sussex Highways with the backing of our County Councillor Tom Liddiard as support”.

Even Wealden District Council has suggested we should apply for pedestrian crossings as with all the new housing that’s gone ahead has created huge amounts of relentless heavy traffic making it extra hard to get across the road.

Dianne added, “I want to see something done about the circumstances before there is a fatality”.

Dianne points out that anyone who is walking into the village from the TImberlaine Road, after the traffic island opposite The Chardwood Rest Home is ‘marooned as a walker if they want to cross the road, until they get into the village and the traffic Island that forms part the parade of shops.

She said, ‘what are people supposed to do if they are young or old, or any age come to that, to be honest if they navigate across the road, they either take their life in hand and try to risk crossing the road want across what is a vey busy and well used road, or they wait unit they get into the village”.

Dianne says, “we also need a crossing in Pevensey that links about the point at the Smugglers pub to the other side of the road became the circumstances are equally precarious for different reasons”.

A walker who often walks along the Eastbourne Road to exercise her dog and take her brand daughter in a buggy with her, told Bay LIfe, “I simply would not risk it, I often think about getting off the Eastbourne Road because of the traffic and heading across the road to head back utilising Castle Drive, but I simply would not risk it, how on earth someone a little unsure on their feet crosses the road to see a neighbour I have no idea”.

A vox pop poll of comments about the question is to be launched in the Journal, the independent hyperlocal tabloid newspaper for Pevensey Bay in the new edition (16) that is to be published later this month and available in local newsagents.

Readers of Bay Life are invited to add their comments or thoughts by contacting Bay Life at info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk.

Dianne says, “what I hope to do is both raise awareness and get something done.

“Having the community divided into two sections for people walking up and down the Eastbourne Road for the length of the road  into the village and the parade of shops is a crazy circumstance whether you are eight or eighty

“What I intend to do, if I am selected as the Conservative Party candidate for the District Election of 2019 is lobby on a weekly basis until something is done”.

We hope to publish what people say in our 1066 and all That series of voxpops in the Journal, beginning the month.