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The Launch of Pevensey Food and Drink Festival is beginning with the first of three pilot events, a Grill and Ghost Night at Priory Court Hotel, Pevensey

The idea behind the festival is that a set of food themed events will draw families into the locality, to sample the food delights that we have to offer, with carefully shaped plate sized events.

All the food establishments taking part in the Pevensey Food and Drink Festival, will receive local publicity from the organisers.

Their goal is to see that this foodie heaven corner of Sussex is put on the foodie map of Sussex in a special way, tailored to the unique spirit of the Bay, as an annual event.

The festival, which takes place in 2020 will begin by marking a very special day. VE Day on 8 May 2020, will mark the 75th anniversary of the Day when ‘the guns went silent’. We already know that organisers of the Pevensey Food and Drink Festival plan something special on the Day, although they are yet to release details of what is planned to the community.

We wait to see if there will be 40 food events across 17 local food establishments on the Day, or perhaps the biggest street party for any village in Sussex..

There is to be a new Bank Holiday in the country in celebration of the Day when ‘the guns fell silent”.

Talking to Bay Life (September 18), organisers said that they have now chosen the three food establishments that are to launch their taster events in October and November 2019 to test what people think of the notion of an annual food festival.

Based on our identity as a community and the eclectic food interests of the community and why foodie visitors come to the Bay, the team are aiming to fully capture the spirit of endeavour in local restaurants and cafes.

The first of these events is at the Priory Court Hotel and Restaurant in Pevensey, In their first media release, organisers say, “We have firmed up our taster events

“We will start on 24 October with a Grill and Ghost Night at Priory Court Hotel.

Bay Life understands that the evening will see a meal and ghost walk combined. A poster has been published as part of their press kit to accompany the event.

Organisers added jokingly, getting into the spirit of the Pevensey Food and Drink Festival, ready for next year, “here’s Ghost taster at Priory Court. They should do a ghoulish cocktail really – will encourage them :)”