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Ethel Wood Eventboard: Cogs in the key of local life

The Pevensey Bay Journal is to launch a four page insert eventboard as part of their publication.

The launch is to take place with publication of edition 23 of the newspaper on Saturday 24 November.

The four page insert eventboard which will sit inside the newspaper, will see news from the Ethel Wood Centre in Coast Road in Pevensey Bay nestled next to Beachlands.

As well as features on regular events, special events, meetings and news of the clubs that meet in the centre, there will also be a series of features about the life of Ethel Wood, the pioneering community activist in Pevensey Bay who dedicated her working life to setting up local organisations and serving with groups in Pevensey Bay.

The Ethel Wood Centre is dedicated in her name.

The Ethel Wood Centre has been described as ‘the heart and soul’ of community activity in Pevensey Bay.

The four page insert eventboard, as part of the launch, will see a special dedication to the work of Ethel Wood, by Bob and Chris Wood, her son and daughter in law.

A special community rate to promote events at the Ethel Wood Centre will be available in the four page insert.

Groups that meet at the centre that want to see their work featured in the eventboard can contact us here. info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk.

Enquiries about how to profile your event in one of the special promotion boxes in the launch edition of the Ethel Wood Eventboard are available until 17 November.

The launch of the four page insert Ethel Wood Eventboard is on Saturday 24 November, as part of the Pevensey Bay Journal.