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THIS WEEK St Nicolas church shows results of ‘heritage crime’ with the message, ‘weep Pevensey'

COMMUNITY New glass reycling contract for Wealden

BUSINESS Breaking Records: Pevensey Pete Laundry Services


Letters and comment about our newspaper, the Pevensey Bay Journal

We have received a number of letters and comment about our newspaper, the Pevensey Bay Journal. Thank you Pevensey Bay.

Edition 25 of the Journal is now in local newsagents, priced forty pence. This edition appears to be the most successful one to date and we will have a second print run later this week. Thank you for all the comments.

I would just like to say that the Journal is exactly what the village needs. Congratulations to Dianne Dear

The Journal is obviously hip and happening!
—Nina Over, Pevensey Bay Car Centre

Congratulations on a really substantial offering for Pevensey Bay again, you certainly champion
causes that need bringing to everyone’s attention.
—Alan Everard

I read every single edition and article

I have all the editions of the Journal on my table, I read every single one. In fact I even read the article about Harper Hair Co, twice, I do not agree that they will make a success of their business, but we will see. Congratulations on the Journal

We have just had our first WI Committee meeting of the new year and I presented your detailed offer of the yearly community rate for Westham Evening WI event listing. The Committee were very impressed with your generous rate and agreed to the terms in your summary. If it is not too late I wish you a Happy New Year and all the very best to you and Bay Life and the Journal for 2019

—Sandra Hyde, Westham WI

The reason people read the Journal is because they know that the newspaper is independent
—Parish councillor

I tell everyone about the Journal

What you see is what you get

The Journal is written by local people. We celebrate all that is best about our communities. We debate important local questions and campaign on subjects like the regeneration of economic activity and the preservation of precious community assets.

The Journal is available to buy in local newsagents priced forty pence, published ten times a year. The paper is also available as a full digital download on subscription, 10 issues at £6.50, delivered direct to your desktop on the day of publication. Now also available by post (UK only), £16:50 for ten issues (incl. postage)