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I thought it might be interesting for your readers to hear about and see the photographic work I have just submitted for my photography degree at the University of Hertfordshire.

I have spent the last year photographing the beautiful weathered groyne posts on the Pevensey Bay Beach. I reproduced these photographs on delicate semi-transparent fabric and contrasted the time-worn sea defence groynes with the crumbling cliff faces along the Norfolk coast, my work focused on the rising sea levels due to climate change.

Below is the artist statement that accompanied my university and London exhibitions

artist statement
The work is influenced by my passion for coastal landscapes and my concern for how rising sea levels and ever powerful tides, both the result of climate change, are destroying our coastal communities and wildlife habitats.

While the coastal cliffs and the communities they support are washed away into the sea the timber groynes, installed as sea defence structures, are shaped by the force of the sea into timeworn sculptures. No longer able to act in unison they stand defiant against the forever legacy that is climate change.
- – -
I have attached some photographs of my exhibit and a short video of the work.

I will be back to stay in Pevensey for 1 month in September to continue photographing, it would be lovely to hang some of my fabric prints of the Groyne posts somewhere in the town during my stay. If you can think of anywhere this could happen e.g. empty shop windiws I would be interested to hear from you.

Barbara Goult

Bay Life response:
This work is simply wonderful. We will be featuring the work as an article on the Bay Life web platform. Your work and the information that you have supplied will also be featuring in our newspaper, the Pevensey Bay Journal, next edition out in a few weeks.

We must help you find somewhere to hang your work in the village, and this is exactly what we will do.

This work really is simply wonderful.