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Dear Editor

One can only express disappointment at Pevensey Parish Councils Chairmans’ lack of awareness as to how the planning system works following his statement on 2nd March.

The Wealden Planning Committee South met on 27th February to discuss the much delayed Beach Tavern proposal.

There were two objectors to the proposal who pre-applied to speak at the meeting. One of the Objectors signed in as representing Pevensey Parish Council, neither turned up to the meeting.

It is a defeat of the democratic process to hog the opposition speaking spot of which there are only two and then not show up.

Further the Wealden District Councillor for Pevensey Bay could not be bothered to comment on this well trailed meeting indeed the Committee Chair was surprised at the absence of a comment from the local representative.

The narrow approval 6 / 4 of the planning consent is a testament to the dysfunctional local representatives’ complacency and lack of vigour.

Roger McAll