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THIS WEEK Plan to establish Friends Group for Pevensey playgrounds

COMMUNITY PEVENSEY BAY HOLIDAY PARK: Wealden Council refuses permission for use of land

BUSINESS Renovation of Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay:


image: The estate agents’s description, circa 1934: Source, appendix, Modernist Semis and Terraces in England, Finn Jensen (2012)


The bungalows, I believe were just show places

From my memory (bad as it is) I seem to remember the entry door was in the middle of the building. Where the front door is now and the other side of the building there was a flat roof at car park level.

The was a room either side underneath at ground level. As a kid I can remember climbing up there as a hiding place. Also between Anderida and Priory Close were four semi detached bungalows in two blocks. Ground level was a lot lower in those days, when these bungalows were demolished they raised the level before building the houses that are there now.

I do not remember seeing any one living in the bungalows as I believe they were just show places, They were identical to the bungalows in Marine Ave.

Bob Wood

BAY LIFE COMMENT: Interesting. Anderida House was the offices of Saunders and Martin, the builders behind Beachlands. The initial publicity sheet (dated around August 1934) mentions these show bungalows. The text says “adjoining our offices at Pevensey Bay we have erected, for the convenience of intending purchasers, two Exhibition Bungalows (types X and V). One we have furnished and the other is let so that you may better appreciate the transformation when woman takes possession.

“An inspection of these Exhibition Bungalows followed by a visit to the Estate would make an interesting day out! As there is no time like the present, may we suggest you come to-day!”