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Can you tell me whether the classic films being shown in the Bay are shown the traditional way, cine film, or whether it is digital projection.

My wife and I are looking into the possibility of purchasing a property in the Bay, either late this year or early next year.

name and contact details supplied.

EDITOR COMMENT: What an interesting enquiry.

The answer is that the classic films shown here (at the Baptist church) are very much an ad hoc affair, although popular and adding much to community spirit. Although I am not religious myself, nonetheless what the community group has done is perceived as being of value to the community.

The other classic film strand, planned for the Bay Hotel here in Pevensey Bay is also to be on the same ad hoc basis.

In the case of the Baptist church, the films are just projected on a wall utilising, we understand, a digital projector of some kind, offered free to people.

The possibility of showing classic films here in a traditional way would be such an asset, but would require significant organisation, and sadly the organisational structures are not here to deliver such an endeavour.

My own view is that such an endeavour would be wonderful and add so much to the spirit of the community.

If you are considering moving to Pevensey Bay with an interest of this description, establishing such an endeavour would be wonderful. MIght that be a reason to consider such a move?

Bay Life would offer support for such an initiative on a daily basis, with matinee performances of the promotion every Wednesday!!

Hope that the information is of use to you. and thanks again for such an interesting enquiry.