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After hearing the great news the library will be open and run by members of the community I was quite disappointed to see that who I presume to be one of the volunteers using the allocated parking spaces for the library as their own personal parking space.

I am a resident of the building the library is housed in, I pay my maintenance fees and ground rent just as the other residents do.

Whilst the library was under council management we as residents had a great relationship with library staff ensuring their spaces were kept clear during working hours and when the library was closed these were freed up for other use.

Unfortunately for the last few weeks the new volunteer has been parking their personal vehicle, not only in the allocated space for library STAFF but also other resident’s spaces day and night.

This does seem a petty issue but the money to take over the library was raised by the COMMUNITY for the community and it just seems a few days into its opening it’s already being used to self-serve particular individuals.

I have witnessed them and their family parking and crossing the road into their house so I know this is what is happening.

I think it’s reasonable to expect that the library spaces should be free for volunteers to use during the day but I cannot condone it funding someone’s personal parking space especially when patients of the doctors surgery and visitors of residents of the building are expected to and rightfully find somewhere else to park.

I have lodged a complaint with the building management company.


name and address supplied