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Beach Tavern site
I was interested to see the comment on Bay Life about the three people with clipboards standing outside the Beach Tavern.

The most likely explanation is that the people were there, possibly Wealden Council officers, in readiness to prepare a report with consideration as to whether to recommend the decision for the latest application

Your readers might remember that with the first application, a Wealden Council officer recommended approval for the development.

The recommendation went to Planning Committee South of Wealden Council, who turned down the application.

The logical conclusion to make here possibly is that we may be about to see a decision on the latest application to develop the site and that such a decision may be imminent.

My view is that any report may be the subject of a full meeting of the Planning South Committee of Wealden Council and that we are likely to see a decision.

Of course I am not in a position to know if these are the circumstances.

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