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I would just like to say that I was very disappointed with Pevensey Bay that there was no poppies at all in the Bay.

Driving around Sussex villages across the county villages have put poppies and silhouettes of soldiers, but there was nothing in the Bay.

We even went to St Wilfrid’s as advertised in the Parish Pump, but there was a note on the door saying that the service was at st Nicolas in Pevensey,

We managed to get there just as the two minuet silence was being observed (very embarrassing) seeing as it was 100 years since the end of the war something should have been done to commemorate this. Get your act together Pevensey Bay.!!

Local resident
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Pevensey Bay Journal comment
You make a sound point. We did publish all the information supplied to us which was online on our homepage for three days prior to Sunday November 11, which also included the change of venue to St. Nicolas church from St. Wlfrid’s. We were asked to make clear by St. Nicolas church that the information in the Parish Pump was not correct, which we also did. I think you speak for many people, a poor show in Pevensey Bay given the importance of the Day, the profound nature of the Day and what was done right across the country, including of course many local villages.