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Procrastinated over the restoration of the Museum west wall

Since approximately 2014 the Pevensey Town Trust (PTT) has procrastinated over the restoration of the Museum west wall.

Clr Robert Slater, in his capacity as Chairman of the PTT, was asked a direct question (in council) as to the status of the repairs and he stated that the planning application had been submitted to Wealden District Council (WDC). WDC have not posted any application from PTT on their planning web site for consideration.

Clr Jill Parsons, who represents PTT on the Westham council and is the treasurer of PTT, has also been asked a similar question in council, twice, and she also has stated on record that the application has gone into WDC planning, twice.

Is the PTT purposely misleading both Westham and Pevensey Parish Councils? If so then both parish councils need to open an inquiry into “Conduct unbecoming” and show cause why these trustees of the PTT should not be thrown off their individual councils.

The Trustees of the PTT are very quick to cry foul when individuals distribute an open letter to residences about untruths that PTT spread.

It is believed that the alleged application when it does go into planning will be one that requests the digging up of Gaol lane, digging up the 1000 year old floor and knocking holes in the ancient flint stone wall, all to put a toilet in the down stairs prison cell area. The museum is in close proximity to 3 different external toilets, but the Trust seems set on destroying a grade 2 listed building (which is not a residential building).

This information is correct as of 5 Aug 2018

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Pevensey Town Trust has been invited to respond to this letter