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To editor

I am seething, I placed an order online for a Miah take away on Thursday 28th December at 7.15pm, I received order confirmation. I was home alone with no way of contacting them other than email and chase my order at around 8.35pm and no reply.

I got another order receipt on Saturday evening. I have just been in to complain and was told the manager was too busy, they are aware the online order system doesn’t work and the gentleman on the counter laughed. Sheer arrogance. Totally unacceptable and warn anyone thinking of ordering from them not to bother.

Previous occasions I’ve had items missing. I’ve really tried to ‘keep it local’ as a resident in Pevensey but I after this sheer lack of customer service isn’t acceptable. The village has more than parking to worry about if this is how locals are treated.

Milly Stone

Editor: As a small community with limited services and facilities, services is our lifeblood, both for residents and visitors. Our view is that there is more than an element of complacency in some of these services and the way in which customer enquiries are managed.

The food, from what we have been able to discover with what has been said to us and our own anecdotal evidence appears to suggest that what is on offer at Miah is to an excellent standard and value. We are making contact with the management today in the hope of receiving a response to this complaint about the way in which this order has been managed.

UPDATE: 3 January
MIAH Indian Take Away and Restaurant

We would like to thank MIAH Indian Take Away and Restaurant in Pevensey Bay for their response to us with regard to the complaint.

Talking to Bay Life (January 3), Mr Miah, owner of Miah Take Away and Restaurant said, “thank you for drawing this complaint to my attention. We would like to offer an apology over what has happened and the circumstances and I am investigating what has taken place here,

“If the lady concerned would like to contact us we will arrange for a meal for two people for her with our compliments”.