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THIS WEEK Plan to establish Friends Group for Pevensey playgrounds

COMMUNITY PEVENSEY BAY HOLIDAY PARK: Wealden Council refuses permission for use of land

BUSINESS Renovation of Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay:


Hi, would it be possible for someone to confirm that this is Pevensey Bay beach for me please? This is my grandmother, taken in September 1936. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Steve Oliver

Journal comment
Lovely photograph. The buildings in my view are clearly identifiable as Pevensey Bay.

What will do in the morning is post this picture to our main web platform (Bay Life here), for people to comment. that way we might even get some more historical information about Pevensey Bay and the buildings we see here, possibly even around the time of the photograph.

You are very welcome. Thank you for contacting us.
—Simon, editor