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Image credit: Westham Village: Peter Robbins

To Bay Life

Old drawing of Westham

My Grandfather, Wilfred Relph, used to be the Headmaster at Pevensey and Westham Primary School and retired in 1983.

He was given this lovely picture as a retirement present from the school. We are moving abroad and, sadly, we have to let go of some things as our new house is smaller.

I was hoping that someone in the Pevensey and Westham Community would like it. Possibly the school as it’s part of their history.

I couldn’t find a way of contacting the school and I couldn’t find a community page to ask either.

Could you please help?

Name and address supplied

response: What a simply beautiful drawing and story. Yes of course we can help.

If anyone could help us identify the artits and his background, that would also be inetresting. The artist is identified as Peter Robbins.

The most obvious thing here perhaps to do is to raffle the drawing and give the proceeds to the school. Perhaps your grandfather would have approved the suggestion. We would like to feature this picture and a story about the work of your grandfather at the school. We will be in touch soon with some suggestions about how we could proceed with the story of this picture.

Just wonderful Thank you so much for contacting us.