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Jo Johnson, Boris’s brother, quits the Conservative party and will stand down as an mp. He seems to say that he had to put loyalty to the country before both family and party. Is not this exactly the kind of man we need as an mp?

4 votes so far for Boris Johnson in the commons and he has lost them all. The Conservative party in the Lord’s who originally were going to try time wasting tactics to ‘talk out’ the bill passed yesterday by parliament, have admitted defeat when the combined opposition brought sleeping bags and spare clothes to show they were willing to discuss as long as it took.

Some of the Conservative’s most senior and respected members, a few of decades of service, have been kicked out of the party.

When are the Conservative party going to listen to its own members? From the grass roots, councillors, MPs, even cabinet ministers. Instead of looking for chances to remove anyone who disagrees, and that includes many of us who continue to vote for all of our candidates.

Conservatives are becoming independents and joining other parties. Some are just keeping their heads down, despite not agreeing with either their local party or the national party. Yes this means votes and wins for other parties.

Two options are beginning to arise. Either an overthrow of party leaders to return the Conservative party to a more moderate centre ground position. Or the forming of a new Conservative party on the grounds of what the Conservative party use to be.

You can only wonder how many Conservative councillors and MPs are in secret talks with other parties, especially the Liberal Democrat’s over joining them. It would not surprise me if our own Mr Merriman was one of them. But what Remain representing party would accept him, after he voted Remain in the referendum, but has betrayed the Remain position ever since. When locally the Rother Alliance Remain group could instead win the Seat with their own candidate.

Paul Minter