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THIS WEEK Huw Merriman, MP for Bexhill and Battle: Resignation of Prime Minister

COMMUNITY Return of the Polyphony Vocal Ensemble

BUSINESS Ten local food establishments sign up to Pevensey Food Festival

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image credit: Pamela E Tompsett

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To the Journal

My name was Pamela Trott (now Tompsett) and my mother, grandmother, 
brother and I all attended Pevensey Church School long ago!

(I have quite a few old photos from that era)

My grandmother, Elisabeth Henrietta Elphick (née Miller) followed her father becoming Post Mistress (later assisted by my mother Dorothy Trott) before retirement.

Mrs Young then took over in her premises further down the road.It was an interesting time as this was also the area telegraph HQ and eventually telephone exchange for the wider area. Granny would send messages by morse code in the early days!

I was at the school all during the war and never joined the evacuees. We spent many hours singing ‘Ten green bottles’ and similar songs in the smelly brick shelters behind the Hall.

I spoke of a photo which I attach and wondered if any of your readers would have been present?

It was taken in either 1945 or 1946 just after the end of WWII when coachloads of local children from the area were taken to London, I think to the Zoo?  It is sited outside Stone Cross Church at the final pickup.

Headmistresses Miss A Beeken, Pevensey, and Mrs L Tompsett, Hankham, and their staff are there, not to mention my husband Andrew Tompsett (9) and me (7+). (years later Lyn Tompsett became my mother-in-law in 1960).

Pamela E Tompsett