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LETTERS re: Pevensey de la mer: Search for our twinned town in France: The continuing story

The discussions at PPC about twinning with a town in France began in the very early 1980s, while I was Chairman of PPC. It was decided that formal twinning would be too expensive and an informal, “Friendly” arrangement was subsequently made with a town in France that had connections with William the Conqueror.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of this town but, as far as I can recall, it was inland and not a coastal town, possibly not in Normandy.

Initially Dives Sur Mer (where the invasion fleet initially embarked) was discussed, as this is an obvious connection with the landings at Pevensey, but Dives did not wish to be involved.

As already stated by others Grace Richard, in her time as Chairman, followed up and established the informal arrangements during the mid 1980s.

Maurice Gilbert