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Pevensey Town Trust
response to letter:
What a joke the Pevensey Town Trust is turning out to be

In reply to your correspondents letter can I reiterate The Pevensey Town Trust HAVE applied for Planning Permission from Wealden Council and currently our Structural and Civil Engineer is consulting on some technical issues which they have raised.

Planning permission for a Listed Building is a long process involving Heritage Experts, Archaeologists etc. It is unlikely work would be done in any winter months as this would affect drying times of Lime Plaster and so forth.

As I have not been Chairman for all the five year period your letter writer refers I cannot comment on the actions of some of the previous Chairmen. The current Trustees and Clerk are all hard working and honest people. All I can say is that during my time on the Trust there have been numerous improvements made – if I may list them include:-

  • New Heaters in The Court House
  • Regular Leaflets locally explaining events etc.
  • Specially Commissioned painting of William’s Return to Normandy 1067
  • Addition of Copy of Bayeux Tapestry
  • Complete restoration of the cells and exercise yard involving removing old mortar and re mortaring and paining with any required woodwork etc.
  • New Front Door for the Gaol Area
  • Discovery of a Tudor Gaol Window – now fully restored.
  • Building repainted
  • Introduction of FREE entry.
  • Lines remarked in car park
  • Some signage replaced in Car park
  • Fencing renewed where it was needed
  • Cattle Market Car Park Wall south portion repaired and repointed and several dozen capping stones traced and purchased
  • Repairs to top of Wall opposite side.
  • 12 planters in Market Square purchased, filled and planted with daffodils in spring and bedding plants in summer – we won 2nd Prize in Village in Bloom.
  • Regular Mini Market now running on Town Hall Square

Opening extended – Sunday afternoons October November and December

This year we have increased our visitor numbers anything up to threefold with free entry which I think must rank as a success with on some weeks anything up to 300 people coming through the door.

Your Correspondent and any of your readers would be welcome to visit the Court House Museum or discuss any matters with myself or the Clerk.

Chairman PTT Robert Slater