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Pevensey Bay Journal
Edition 20, Saturday18 August
Beach Tavern, Sense of Place article

Having just read Simon Montgomery’s article, I admire his research and personally appreciate the buildings he mentioned.

However to repeat what I wrote in a previous letter and, although no mention was made of it in his article, what I spoke about at the 7th August meeting.

This was the fact that nothing is ‘in keeping’ in the Bay and any architect would find difficulty in coming up with a design to satisfy the need for ‘a sense of place’. We must admit that looking westward from The Beach Tavern’ the overwhelming impression is one of late 20th century brick built shops with flats above, dominated by Norman Court, which arguably should never had received planning permission.

The ideal solution for the Beach Tavern would be to keep the exterior and convert it into a modern family home with granny flat attached, space for cars and even perhaps a roof garden. If this is not to be, the architect must try to come up with a suggestion for a building that will be acceptable to all without trying to echo the past mixture of styles and periods.

Sheila Taylor
Marine Terrace