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COMMUNITY PEVENSEY BAY HOLIDAY PARK: Wealden Council refuses permission for use of land

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A tidal wave of apathy and indifference seems to have swept Stone Cross where the Parish Council Elections in May are concerned.

The two wards of Stone Cross and Dittons, who between them have 8 seats allocated on the Parish Council, have only managed to attract 3 candidates. Does this indicate a lack of interest, or a lack of communication on the part of the current council?

Things have changed for this election with the Parish of Westham being split into 3 electoral wards. I have yet to meet anyone who is aware of this, so it is probably down to the council, even though they have been awarded “Quality Status” by the National Association of Local Councils in the areas of: Communication and Community Engagement and Promoting Democracy and Citizenship

On the brighter side, there are 9 candidates in Westham ward, contesting 5 allocated seats. I’m sure conclusions can be drawn from this!

At the end of all the excitement, the Parish Council will only have 8 elected members, leaving it 5 short, so it will have to co-opt more members. That could prove interesting.

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