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To the editor

I was born and lived in the Bay till 1963 and returned 30 years ago.

In the late 40s and early 50s I spent many many hours on the beach, I can still hear my parents warning about getting too close to the so called sinking sands (Mud from the river.) that are caused by the river outfall pipes, (There were three of them, the two remaining ones only worked in the winter,)

The position of the so called sinking sand kept changing from day to day.

As kids we used to go and find it but as soon as we got to the edge of it we backed off due to warnings of our parents.

I do not remember if we got brave enough to find out how deep the mud went but I do remember it covered my feet (bare footed as always at that age)

I have never heard of anyone getting into trouble and needing to be rescued.

With safety on the beach in mind, parents that allow children on blown up boats, water wings and beds on the sea with out being tied to something solid to stop then from being blown away.

I have seen many of these blown away, luckily if a child was on it at the time they either fell off or an adult caught it.

People do not realize how fast these things travel. No swimmer swims fast enough to catch them in most cases.

Bob Wood
(son of Ethel Wood)