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COMMUNITY Westham Village campaigners argue for “better resolution for our very treasured pond”

BUSINESS Harper Hair Co. lands in Pevensey Bay

To the editor

With the imminent decision on the future of Beach Tavern, perhaps Pevensey Bay community have overlooked a possibility. Majority of pubs that have closed especially in small communties, have been taken over by the community and run successfully.

As a suggestion and to throw this into the ‘pot’ why not try and purchase the tavern as a community, run as a not for profit enterprise, BUT include a library into the building as well.

It would take some organising and plenty of volunteers , but I personally think it could have some ground. perhaps as there is a lot of history in the building heritage could be approached for a donation?

Some may think this suggestion is a ‘pie in the sky’ but many pub/projects were thought the same but have prospered .

Paul Watson