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image credit: Jan Madden

To editor

Please refer this to PCD and the parish council.

I am sitting in my lounge, it’s 21.15 pm. I live in Seaville Drive, Pevensey Bay.

I can’t have the windows open due to the repulsive stench coming from the beach.

Last week, the dredger was dredging Sovereign harbour, last Friday our beach was covered in sludge and slime – surely no coincidence?

I went down for a walk on the beach at low tide on bank holiday Monday, about 17.00 pm. The beach was full due to the good weather BUT all the kids were wearing wellington boots. I soon realised why. The entire length of the beach at the point where the pebbles meet the sand was covered in sludge and slime and it stunk.

I heard one man say to his two boys “ come on stinkers time to go home”. One replied “we’re not stinkers” to which he responded “ you are with that slime all over you”

This really is unacceptable.

Our beach has been polluted, there’s no other way to describe it.

The dredger needs to get rid of its load further out to sea to prevent this happening.

I moved here nearly 4 years ago and have noticed this phenomenon before but it has never smelt so bad before.

On behalf of the residents of Pevensey Bay please take action to prevent any recurrence.

Thank you.

Jan Madden

Editor note: Ian Thomas of Pevensey Coastal Deefnce is to be invited to comment on this letter